Private Mail System

  • End-to-end encryption of messages and attachments.
  • Multi-user web browser access.
  • Privacy-by-design + privacy-by-default.
How to install?

License: Freeware      New version 1.2.0!

Requirements: a web page + PHP 5.4+

PrivMX address contains # instead of @ -- it's easy to recognize secure PrivMX mailboxes.

Verification of senders

PrivMX WebMail verifies message senders by using its own, independent PKI and web-of-trust

Secure web forms

People who do not have their own PrivMX address can send messages and files via secure forms

Privacy in minutes

Installation of PrivMX on your company's web page is the fastest way to start a secure communication channel for your company.

Simple, classic WebMail

PrivMX uses a "conservative" interface which makes it hassle-free for less advanced users.

Functions for admins

Creating web-of-trust, viewing the power of users' passwords, managing black list of servers, etc.