Downloading and installing PrivMX WebMail

Click below to download files and follow the instructions.

* web hosting/server supporting PHP 5.4 (or newer)
* database IS NOT required

Download PrivMX ZIP file 4.5 MB

Version: 1.2.1 (2019-10-30)
SHA-256: 0ab1c2e945a309e33767672f43c0bf970ac201f2823e425f5ef9ce8a9b561908
Changelog: Information about PrivMX versions
License: PrivMX Web Freeware License

Alternatively: download privmx-web-installer.php - a single PHP file (10KB) which checks if your PHP installation meets requirements (version number and modules) and then allows to automatically download the latest version of PrivMX WebMail, unzip it and run the main installer script. Why web installer?

Installation instructions

Assuming that your web page has the address, the first steps are:

  • download the ZIP file and unpack it in the main folder of your web page. Use your web browser to open
  • Alternatively - download the web installer file and place it in the main folder of your web page. Then, open

In both cases the main installer will be started.

  1. Follow the information provided by the installation script. The script does not download anything, it performs some operations in the /privmx folder and generates activation link for the first (admin) account.
  2. Activate the first account - you will get your PrivMX address
  3. Log in and use the "Server Admin" menu to create accounts for your other users.

Remember that

  • your login page is, and that
  • you can quickly test your configuration by sending anything to another PrivMX server. For example, our "bot" is available under address This bot should respond after a few seconds with a copy (echo) of your message.
  • It is good to test sending messages to standard email addresses.

Source code