Private mail and attachments

PrivMX WebMail realizes the sending of messages and attachments from scratch, keeping in mind privacy of correspondence and web technologies. Privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default in practice.

New, secure mail protocol

PrivMX joins ideas from TLS, CONIKS, Bitcoin and proven algorithms such as AES, ECC, ECDH, SRP. Details of the PrivMX architecture.

Decentralization and control

Once you install PrivMX on your own server, you keep and fully control your mail. You can send messages also to other servers and to standard e-mail addresses.

End-to-end encryption

Message content and attachments are encrypted on the sender's computer before they are sent. Only the recipient can decrypt it - on their own computer.

Zero-knowledge servers

No PrivMX server knows the structure and content of the data that it stores and transmits. In contrast to standard email - nobody but the addressee can read your mail. addresses

Alternative PrivMX mail uses addresses with # instead of @. This makes it easier to distinguish secure mailboxes.

Independent PKI and webs-of-trust

The module which stores and verifies public keys is part of each PrivMX server. It allows the creation of trust network.

Dealing with unsolicited mail

In addition to PKI verification, PrivMX mail uses server black-list and white-list (filtering) of domains in the client program.

Secure web forms

Each PrivMX server provides web developers with the ability to create web forms which encrypt data.

Simple installation and administration

Thanks to the use of popular web technologies PrivMX WebMail installation is simple and can be done "almost anywhere".

Get to know the details of PrivMX technology